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I found out about Art's Motorcycle Shop from Iron Horse Cigars in North Augusta.
I decided to give him a try because I am tired of Harley Davidson screwing customers over and charging an arm and a leg.
Art did a "small" favor of putting a nut back on my bike that fell off - he didn't want to charge me for a simple 2 minute fix. I paid him anyway.
That told me a ton about the man. He wants to make a living but he wants to be honest about it at the same time.
So, giving him another try, Elizabeth ordered me the Shock and Awe 2.0 for my bike, along with a battery.
Art is the ONLY mechanic that will be touching my 2019 H.D Road Glide Ultra.
He did an outstanding job on my bike and he answered every question I had.
Art and Elizabeth - you have a loyal customer.
You get all my work for the bike, be it an oil change, a new battery, or a simple maintenance check.
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